New Kitchen

New Kitchen
Sally Morgan, carmarthen    

Just had a new kitchen designed and installed by Leekes and I would recommend them to anyone.

The kitchen was designed by Gareth Brannigan in Cross Hands who was really nice and helpful to deal with. A knowledgeable and practical designer who clearly new his job. The design and finance side was really straight forward to go through.

The next meeting I had was with the fitter Richard Collett. Very practical, very confident and experienced in his trade.

We had a few delivery problems with Leekes, but nothing major and nothing to cause any major problems and the fitter sorted everything out so I didn't need to worry or get involved.

Richard/fitter was left to install the kitchen and he did this brilliantly. As I work long hours each day I would leave a key out for him and we would have a catch up now and then. Each day the house was left clean and tidy, all tools put by tidy so I didn't fall over anything.This in my opinion goes a long, long way!

I felt happy leaving Richard in charge and if there was anything to discuss he made sure that I was always kept informed.

The end result is brilliant. I have a totally different kitchen. It is light, modern and functional. I'm really happy.

I would happily recommend Richard and Gareth to anyone wanting a new kitchen from Leekes.

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